Fragrances evoke emotions and set the tone for a guest experience. It’s so important to get your fragrance right especially when you have such a wide range of clientele to please in your establishment.

Therefore, at Intermarket, the process of selecting our fragrances is a very thought out and specific one. We spend a lot of time ensuring that the fragrances we use are suitable for our products as well as industry standards and of course our clients’ expectations.


One of the most important factors when selecting our fragrances are that they are unisex and not gender specific. You, our clients, will inevitably host male & female guests and so we take this into account ensuring our fragrances are gender neutral.


The other component of our fragrance is the strength of the fragrance in the product. We understand that strong fragrances can take over and can be offensive while fragrances that are too subtle lack the ability to make an impression on your guests. So the balance of the fragrance in our products is very important and we ensure it is subtle and gentle but still enough to impress.


At Intermarket, each of our collections has a unique fragrance.

Sahara has a “Marula & Olive” fragrance
Karma has an “Aloe & Sea Minerals” fragrance
Earth has a more rustic “Cedarwood” fragrance
Contemporary has a “Tangerine on a Woody Moss background” fragrance
Rooibos has a “Rooibos Tea” fragrance

We are certain you will love all of our fragrances and struggle to chose which you like best. Let us assure you that a lot of time and love went into selecting each of our fragrances and we are so sure your guests will love them.