At Intermarket Guest Amenities, we offer 3 different soap sizes; 16g, 25g and 40g soaps. The question most hosts ask is, “Which soap size is best for my establishment?”

And we are here to answer this for you! 

There are 3 main factors to take into consideration when choosing which soap size is right for your establishment and your guests. 

  1. Firstly, you need to look at the average length of stay of your guests.
  2. Secondly how often your housekeeping staff replenish your guest amenities.
  3. Lastly, of course, it comes down to personal host preference. 




Let’s look at these 3 factors a bit more:


Depending on your accommodation, you might aim to accommodate business travelers who tend toward short stays and sometimes only one night. For these guests, smaller sized soaps are sufficient for a quick shower after a long day out and before retiring for the night. Alternatively, if your establishment offers more holiday-type accommodation, attracting guests for longer stays and for the whole family, a bigger soap bar – such as our 40g – is better for them to reuse multiple times during their stay. 


Some establishments like to replenish their guest amenities on a daily basis. You may want to present your guests with a “fresh” look each day. Other establishments are serviced less frequently and offer a more self-catering feel and so amenities are replenished less frequently and possibly only once during their stay. The more frequently your establishment replenishes its room amenities, the smaller soap size you could go for and visa versa. 


Each of our 3 soap sizes – 16g, 25g & 40g have a different look & feel and feel different in your hands. The 40g has a bulkier and more substantial feel while the 16g is slim and petite. Essentially, the amenities you offer your guests come down to your personal preference in your bathroom and of course your budget. 

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