The hospitality industry is constantly evolving and hotel guests are increasingly seeking unique experiences and memorable stays. One way that hotels can provide such experiences is through the use of unique amenities collections. One such collection that is making waves in the industry is Intermarket’s new African Fern collection.


The African Fern collection is a new line of guest amenities that takes inspiration from the natural beauty of Africa. The collection was inspired by the delicate ferns in our abundant portfolio of African vegetation. “The Fern Collection” was one of Intermarket’s very first collections back in the 80’s and became extremely popular among hotels and guest houses all across the country. Elements of Africa’s modern African Fern Collection pays homage to that successful collection and blends it with our contemporary African theme.


The collection features products that are made from high quality ingredients and are designed to provide a luxurious and refreshing experience for hotel guests the collection includes a range of products including:

Shower/Bath Gel
Conditioning Shampoo
Hand/Body Lotion
Soap bars

Our bottles come in two sizes: 35ml and 50ml.
Our soaps come in three sizes: 16g, 25g and 40g.


Each product is infused with the fragrance of African Fern which is known for its fresh and invigorating scent. The fragrance in this collection is fresh with notes of honeysuckle, passion fruit, lily & amber. One of the key benefits of the collection is that it provides a unique and authentic experience for guests. Many hotels offer generic amenities that are often forgettable but the African Fern collection stands out because it is inspired by the natural beauty and culture of Africa. This makes it an ideal choice for hotels that want to offer a more memorable and authentic experience for their guests.

The African Fern collection is overall an exciting new addition to the hospitality industry providing a unique and authentic experience for hotel guests. It is sure to be a hit with your guests.