Personalisation of your guest amenities is about adding an extra special personal touch to the collection of guest amenities you offer to your guests. 

This might just be adding your unique logo to the products in the form of a label or it could be an entirely unique collection designed specifically for your guest house or establishment – yes we can do that!! 


For establishments with 10 rooms or less, we always suggest keeping it simple and converting one of our existing collections with a personalised label. For larger establishments, you can completely personalize a production collection to suit your exact requirements! 


So, how does it work?

At Intermarket, we try to make personalised guest amenities as easy and accessible to our clients as possible. All we need is:


Once we have this information, our in-house design team will do a mockup of your label designs. Once these are approved, they go to print. We then apply them to your product for you and ship off your order as required!

As you might imagine, the more labels you print, the more economical personalisation becomes. We often encourage our clients to print a year’s worth of labels which we keep in house and pull from as you place your product orders. But now we’re getting into the nitty gritty of personalisation. We can discuss this with you personally depending on our specific needs and requirements. 

Personalisation is a wonderful way to boost the branding of your establishment! Your guest amenities are often souvenirs your guests take home with them as fond memories of their wonderful stay. 

For more info on personalisation or if you’d like to personalise the amenities for your establishment, please don’t hesitate to contact anyone on the Intermarket Team!