Soap dissolves in water, so when left out, it can get gooey and mushy. Not only is this not sanitary, it also doesn’t leave a good impression on your guests. Nobody wants to use old, mushy soap. That’s why Intermarket Guest Amenities offers a wide range of individually wrapped soaps, so that every guest gets the same, fresh soap experience!


We have thought long and hard about how to provide guests with superior quality packaging. We believe that having three different packaging options, depending on what style you are going for, is the first way to deliver a superior product! 

We have our round, pleat-wrapped soaps,  which are easy to use and give a traditional style to your bathroom. Alternatively we offer our rectangle, flow-wrapped soaps, these give more of a modern look to your bathroom. And then finally, we offer boxed packaging, which either come in white or recycled, brown boxes. This can add that perfect, rustic addition to your guest bathroom – and is eco-friendly!! 


Our product is highly customizable, from choosing your packaging, to the shape and weight of your soap, including being able to add your own personal touch onto the labels!  Our soap has been specially designed to provide your guests with a clean, fresh and individual experience, so no matter which packaging option you choose, not only will your bathroom be more hygienic, it will also provide each and every guest with the same user experience. This will in turn, leave your guests feeling like they received a superior product and will be more inclined to leave you great reviews and ratings about your establishment! 


If you would like to have superior soaps in your guest bathroom, head to our website and have a look at our wide variety of guest amenity collections. Choose from liquid soap, to round or rectangle soap bars, ranging from 16 grams all the way to 40 grams!